The color Black: Power, Elegance & Sophistication.

We for sure LOVE bright, popping colors. Can you tell? Pink,
aqua, watermelon, orange… Our caftan dresses definitely stand out.

bright color caftan

But with our next collection, we’re going to take our caftans to the next
level. These designs are surely more than your vacation go-to and
perfect accessory for the pool bar. They also make great dresses for
your next big appearance. I’m talking entering a room and owning it. This
kind of big appearance. We’re talking power, elegance, sophistication.
And what color can express this better than black? Right?!
Black has always been a color of choice in fashion. Think about black-tie
dinners and Coco Chanel. In 1926 the designer legend published a
picture of a short, simple black dress in American Vogue. It was calf-
length, straight and decorated only by a few diagonal lines. Vogue back
then said the little black dress would become “a sort of a uniform for all
women of taste”. Well, I’d say Vogue was right with its prediction. This,
as well as other designs by the house of Chanel helped disassociate
black from mourning, and reinvent it as the uniform of the high-class and
Since then, the color black stands for elegance, taste, status, power, and
sophistication. Well, and there’s also that famous little black dress worn
by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Audrey Hepburn in black dress

A black dress is elegant, can be dressed up or down to fit practically any
occasion, and never goes out of style.
That’s why we’ve decided to add the color black to our caftan collection.
This will be your go-to for any occasion: It’ll be your evening gown as
well as your chic dress for drinks and dinner. Black is the perfect canvas
for whatever you’re up to. You can easily dress it up with a statement
necklace or chunky earrings. Add some pops of color with a bright and
fun clutch. Pair it with elegant heels or sandals. Your
opportunities are endless.

long black caftan

This dress and more brand-new designs will be available
soon. So stay tuned, you don’t want to miss our next collection.



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