How to create a spa-like experience at home

Let’s admit a universal truth: If we could permanently live in a spa, we
would, right?! A life spent entirely in luxury bathrobes and surrounded by
soft music and lovely scents sounds… yeah, like a dream. Unfortunately,
reality happens between kids, groceries, work, cleaning, dr
appointments, cooking… Sad but true, there’s barley time for a spa
But there’s nothing more enjoyable than a day spent at the spa.
Those hours of pampering are the ultimate indulgence. But even that is
sometimes too much to ask for. Truth is, many of us just get lost in our
daily routines. Life can be overwhelming. And a spa trip doesn’t quite fit
into our schedule.

Here’s a solution: If you can’t go to the spa, you have to bring the spa
to you. Yes, it’s that easy. There are plenty of ways you can
create a relaxing spa-like experience at home. This way you should be
able to incorporate your time for luxury into your busy schedules. Treat
yourself! You deserve this! We gathered some ideas on how to do so. (Quiet husband and kids not included ;) )

Engage your senses
A large part of the reason why going to a spa feels so special is because
all five of your senses are engaged. When setting up some time for
luxury at home, be sure to remember your senses. Incorporate elements
that are pleasing to your sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.
Set the mood with lots of candles, soothing music, dim lightning (the
candles might spend just the right amount of light), a glass of detox water
(so easy to make) , and a cozy robe (we can help you out with this one ;-
) It seems so simple, but these little add-ons are what turn your home
into a perfect spa and relaxation zone.
HEIDI HOUSTON  Danielle Robe
On a side note a little fun fact about your music selection: Don’t choose
your favorite playlist – the lyrics may trigger subconscious memories and
they may upping your stress level, without even realizing it. So, if you
really want to relax choose only instrumental music.
Make detox water
It’s so easy. Simply add slices of fresh fruits and some herbs to your
water pitcher for a refreshing spa drink. Lemon water combinations have
been proven to boost your immune system, aid with digestion and
improve your skin condition. And do you know that your favorite herbs
and fruits offer amazing benefits?
Lemons – a natural detoxifier and aids with bloating and fluid retention.
Cucumber – help cool the inflammatory response in body. Hydrates
body, reduces puffiness and bloating, and flushes toxins.
Mint – soothes the stomach and reduces inflammation.
Watermelon – high in lycopene and antioxidants.
Lime – helps with digestion and natural detoxifier.
Basil – anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.
Strawberries – high in antioxidants and boost immunity.
Cantaloupe – great skin and hair benefits.
Pineapple – has digestive enzymes that aid in digestion.
Blueberries – the healthiest fruit on the planet, high in antioxidants.
Here are some ideas to create your perfect spa water!
detox water
Watermelon, blackberries (whole but lightly crushed), mint leaves and
halved strawberries
Lemons and Cucumber

Mint and lime – aka Spa Mojito
Grapefruit and orange

Load up on hot towels
Do you remember how comfy and cozy hot towels on your face feel?
You definitely don’t want to pass on this! When setting up for a spa day
at home, don’t forget to load up on hot towels. Soak them in hot water,
then wring them out until they’re just slightly damp. Use these to clean
your face and wipe off any product, just like the pros do at the spa. Be a
pro yourself and add a few drops off essential oil to the water (lavender
or eucalyptus are both good options). As you apply the warm towel to
your face, you’ll be breathing in and getting all of the aroma-therapeutic
benefits of the oil.
Create your own body buffer
A good body scrub can really do some magic on your skin. And you can
easily create your own at-home version with just a few ingredients you
might even already have in your pantry!
For the sea salt body scrub for glowing skin, combine 1 cup sea salt with
½ cup olive oil until you get a coarse paste and add 5-15 drops of your
favorite essential oil.
As an alternative combine equal parts granulated sugar with coconut oil
into a paste-like consistency. The sugar gently removes dead skin, while
the oil is especially hydrating.

And now, gather your besties and enjoy a relaxing spa day at home!
It’s your time for luxury. You deserve this.

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