About Heidi Houston

This is my vision.

This is my passion.

This is Heidi Houston.

I am Heidi. A mom of two wonderful boys, a loving wife, and a designer with a vision. My style is classic and simple. I truly believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. And every woman deserves luxury.
Every day. Every moment.
I strongly believe that feeling confident and beautiful brings a feeling of luxury to your everyday life.

My wish is to feel this way. Even when I don't have hours to dress up. I am talking about all the wonderful everyday situations: At night on the couch with my husband, at the breakfast table with my family, curled up reading a book. But wearing sweatpants and an old college t-shirt wasn't cutting it. I really wanted to add more glamour to my everyday life.

I started looking for high-quality, stylish sleep and lounge wear. That mission wasn't an easy one. But it lead me to another mission, which became my passion: creating comfortable, beautiful, versatile everyday pieces.

With that vision in mind, in 2016 I started designing my first collection of sleep and lounge wear. My simple wish: To not sacrifice style for comfort. Have your cake and eat it too! I’ve created liveable, simple, comfortable pieces. And yes! With my pajamas and robes I feel more glamorous in the evenings and in the mornings (and occasionally the whole day :-). And with my modern caftans I enjoy my time for luxury while relaxing by the pool or enjoying cocktails with my girlfriends.
And now I want to share this feeling with you.