What inspired your summer collection?

I love summer vacation! Hey, who doesn’t? Unfortunately we only have a couple weeks for traveling, right? It’s never enough. So my idea was to extend vacation time. To bring out this special feeling of vacation to your everyday life. The smell of the ocean, waving palms whispering in the wind, sun on your skin, sand on your feet… You can feel it, right?

What is your favorite summer relax outfit?

The caftan – that’s for sure! It’s the perfect partner at the pool or on the beach. Dress it up with your favorite statement piece of jewelry and eye-catching sandals. You will look amazing! Or at home after a relaxing bath – just wear it with your favorite body lotion ;-) That’s your time for luxury!

How do those ideas break down in the collection?

The light-weight fabrics flatter our bodies, just like the wind at the beach… The pink and orange I’ve chosen for my caftans remind me of wonderful sunsets. The high-quality fabrics kiss our skin like the sun does.

Where is your favorite summer place?

Cabo. Yes, it may sound crazy to go to Mexico in the summer, but hey – I live in Houston! I’m used to the humidity! And my second favorite summer place is my backyard! I love being there and watching the kids playing.

What is your time for luxury?

Taking a moment out of my busy day for myself. And then: Taking off the clothes I’ve been wearing all day and slipping into something comfortable. Something I feel beautiful and confident in! I’m not talking about sweatpants ;-)

It's your time for luxury.



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