We all know this: Turning your mind off is a challenge when you’re
stressed or anxious. Our mind is still swirling around a thousand things.
We really want to, but sometimes we just can’t stop it from spinning,
right?! And that means less sleep for us. But a good night’s (beauty)
sleep is essential!
The National Sleep Foundation recommends between seven and nine
hours of sleep a night for adults. To hit this goal, a nightly routine helps
you relax, fall asleep more easily and be better prepared for the next
day. And it’s not as hard to do as you might think. Going to bed around
the same time each night helps your body establish a sleep rhythm, so
that your slumber is more restorative. If you stick to the same pattern
each night, your body will grow accustomed to it.

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We’ve browsed for some easy and effective strategies to get
you the sleep you deserve! Try working these five things into your
evening for better sleep.
Turn down the thermostat
If your bedroom is cool, rather than warm, it will be much easier to shut
your eyes for the night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the
ideal snooze temperature is about 65 degrees. If you are always cold,
just cuddle with your better half ;-)
Say goodbye to your TV
I know, we all love binge-watching our favorite Netflix shows in bed,
right?! Unfortunately, it’s not good for us and our much-needed beauty
It’s about tricking your mind to get a good night’s sleep: Create a mental
association between the bed and fatigue. So, when it’s time to get under
the covers, your body takes it as a signal to get sleepy.
De-Clutter your bedroom
De-cluttering your surroundings, helps de-clutter
your brain. It helps with getting rid of the anxiety and stress swirling in your
mind that can keep you up when it’s time to sleep. So, no laundry piles,
which make you feel bad and no mess on your nightstand.
Don’t ever pay attention to your alarm clock
You just have to hear the alarm in the morning, but you don’t have to see
the numbers. The bad news: Watching the numbers ticking away while
lying in bed, is so bad for you! It’s growing increasingly more anxious as
you wait for the sleep to hit. The good news: It’s an easy fix! Just turn
around your alarm clock. If you can’t see the time, you’ll have a smoother
transition to dreamland.
Take a hot shower or soak in the bath
The purpose of bedtime routines is to relax and de-stress. On nights
when you need extra help loosening up and calming down, a hot shower
or bath can work wonders.
Immersion in water is known to be extremely therapeutic, and can help
you detach from the hyper-connectedness of technology. Soak in and
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