What’s my favorite summer accessory for lazy summer mornings, travel, or just relaxing after being in the heat? Easy! My Heidi Houston Long Danielle Robe.

Heidi Houston Robes


This robe has quickly become a part of my favorite pajama attire. It has gone everywhere with me this summer. While on a family vacation in Ohio, it was simple to throw on my robe while getting up with our toddler, or wearing it after a hot afternoon out and about just to cool off.


Another one of my favorite reasons this Long Danielle Robe has become a staple? Well, as big as I grow throughout this pregnancy, this robe always seems to fit super comfortably. I don’t have to worry about it getting too tight, too short, too small, or make me feel icky. I always feel like a glowing preggo while wearing my robe!





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