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It might be incredibly overwhelming to realize your dreams. I know that. Doing something for the first time is scary! Putting your hard work out there for others to see, judge, and critique.  Will people love it? What if they hate it? But at some point you just have to go for it. I’ve had the vision, I’ve had plenty ideas,  and   
finally I’ve had the guts to do it! Sounds easy, right? 

I have to say it was not. Believe me, I've been through all stages of feelings - the whole process of starting everything from scratch was one crazy rollercoaster! And before I launched  HEIDI HOUSTON - I was a nervous wreck. Although I've loved every single piece of my collection!

But how should I know what to expect? How should I know what you guys are going say? Will you love it?

Well, thankfully my concerns have been put to rest. You love my PJs, robes and caftans! Fashion bloggers love my pieces! The press love it!

So, I'd love to share some feedback with you.

Check out what they have to say about HEIDI HOUSTON.

There's Blogger Olivia Jeanette  (Web: http://oliviajeanette.com, Instagram: oliviajeanette_): "I looooove the PJs so much!!"

                                 Olivia Jeanette wearing Heidi Houston

                                              ( Image courtesy of Olivia Jeanette)  

Olivia is wearing The Eva Pant and The Marie Tank. What a perfect outfit for a super relaxed start into the day.  She really lives our credo: It's your time for luxury. 

Andrea Eppolito is a award-winning wedding planner, located in Las Vegas. She says; "It's Saturday morning. I'm sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of coffee, and literally just feeling amazing in my new HEIDI HOUSTON caftan...Love it hard! Add these to the Things I Love list!  The colors....Fab! The feel of the fabric....Thick enough to feel important and polished, but soft enough to breath and lay around in.  The best part....I can now relax, cook dinner, snuggle with my kids, and even run out of the house without looking homeless or mentally unstable. Made of the most incredible fabric that somehow does not hold wrinkles or stains (despite the unmentionables that I have dropped on it!) these pieces have changed how I get dressed every day."


Check out her complete blog post: http://www.andreaeppolitoevents.com/blog/introducing-heidi-houston-loungewear-your-new-favorite-thing

Carmen the Modern Mom (http://www.carmenthemodernmom.com/2017/08/ )

shows us how versatile the pieces are:

                     Carmen the Modern Mom in Heidi Houston

                              (Image courtesy of Carmen the Modern Mom)

She's wearing The Layla Short. It's a perfect match to a Bikini!

And check out how amazing Sam Lapid from her Blog Bottle & Blush looks in her HEIDI HOUSTON:

Bottle and Blush wearing Heidi Houston

                                (Image courtesy of Bottle & Blush)

She says: "The line is full of bright colors and let me tell you, the fabric feels like heaven! Not only do I feel like a hot mama in these pajamas, they are also SUPER comfy! The drawstring pants are great for any time of year with breathable openings on the sides and the open robe can double as a kimono to pair with jeans or shorts for a night out with the ladies!"

Read the complete blog post here:


All these amazing women and so many more are loving HEIDI HOUSTON!

It is so worth all the hard work.

Whatever you're dreaming of: You can do it! Just trust yourself.

And always enjoy your time for luxury.


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