Travelling is a challenge. Feeling comfortable and stylish while travelling
is even more challenging.
So, for me travel wear is a thing. That’s why I decided to make it my thing.
It’s the same with lounge wear for women: It’s challenging. Because it has to fit the big C’s: chic, comfy and without compromises. And all at the same time. Calling all ladies who are guilty of wearing their old sweatpants lounging around: It’s time to ditch that “style”!! Just saying…We’ll get you the alternatives.
So, I took the challenge. Made both my thing.
And the HEIDI HOUSTON Lounge Line Collection (which is perfect for
travelling too) was born.
But the road from having an idea and a vision to a complete collection is
a long one…
So we thought we'd shed a light on the behind the scenes
reality of designing these pieces.

It starts with an idea. And I think about it. A lot. I draw pictures of clothes
in my mind. And erase them. And start over again. That takes a while.
Sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months.
            HEIDI HOUSTON Luxury Loungewear       HEIDI HOUSTON        HEIDI HOUSTON Loungewear For Women
Now it’s time to stop thinking. Getting my thoughts out of my head and
down on paper. Takes a while too. And lots of paper.
Touching and feeling lots of fabrics to make a final decision. The clothes
we are making for you should be butter soft and light weight.
Talking to the manufacture. Not once. Not twice. I stopped counting. On
a side note: We are producing every single piece of our collection in the United States.
Heidi Houston Luxury Sleepwear      Heidi Houston Collection    Heidi Houston Luxury Robes
Getting first samples.
Making some tweaks, getting more samples, making more tweaks… We
want it nothing less than perfect.
And finally, (drumrolls please): The collection is ready!!  
HEIDI HOUSTON Luxury Loungewear & Sleepwear for women
…and will be available online Friday, November 3rd!!  
Eva Volkel