The best way to quickly transform your outfit to something truly fabulous is all in the accessories.  At HEIDI HOUSTON we have a few, and today we are featuring the Bella Necklace.  Put this baby on and you will look fabulous in 5 seconds flat....actually probably less!

It's best to start with good basics. A solid colored dress or blouse can be dressed up instantly with the right statement jewelry.


I am so excited to be carrying these gorgeous necklaces!  I have had one for many years and get so many compliments on it and they go with the HH collection so beautifully.

They come in a range of colors, they have an easy magnetic closure, a flat leather band,  and they are comfortable! I literally forget I have it on.

So, if you want to turn heads, l suggest a statement necklace. Easy Peasy.

colorful beaded statement necklace

You will wear this necklace over an over for years to come, I promise you that!

The biggest question is...... which color will you choose?

P.S. They also pair perfectly with our Piper Dress and Kristie Blouse.

Black Piper Dress with beaded necklace


Heidi Hansen