Our Panama Hats are so fun and gorgeous, but also a work of art.  Here's the short and sweet explanation of the making of these Panama Hats....

These authentic hats are made by hand in artisan villages of Ecuador.  They are woven from a toquilla palm’s young leaves harvested at the exact right time. Only the necessary pieces of the plant are hacked out to preserve their forests.  After the harvest, these leaves are cooked and bleached before they are ready to be weaved by hand.  Artisans buy these leaves and start the process of making these beautiful hats.  Each hat takes up to 5-6 days to weave and made to order from the colors we choose to go along with our Heidi Houston collection. 

woman making a panama hat

hand weaving a panama hat

hand making a panama hat

colorful panama hats

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Heidi Hansen