Happy (belated) New Year!!!
Ladies! It’s definitely time to pamper yourself!  
 After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a relaxing spa
day – okay, let’s get realistic: a couple of hours – has never looked so
tempting. Am I right?!
And the best part: You don’t have to leave your warm and cozy home to treat
yourself, we get the spa right to you!
For that we’ve browsed around and gathered some tips and ideas on
how to get that spa glow at home.
First of all: Pick a day you won’t have any interruptions for at least a
couple of hours, turn off your phone (that might be the hardest
part, right?), play your favorite music and light some candles.
Next: Pick the right outfit. You want to feel beautiful – that’s one of the
reasons to have a spa day in the first place! And wearing the right pieces, helps a
Talking about luxury bathrobes and luxury pajamas you can wear
effortlessly the whole day. With our picks, you are feeling AND looking
Heidi Houston luxury pajamas
What about starting off your spa day with a hot bath? Just add a bath
bomb and delight in the fizz of natural scents. Do you remember our
Christmas Gift Guide? The Bath Bombs Set was a big hit and would be
the perfect treat for your spa day:
bath bomb
While soaking in this heavenly scented warm tub, I personally love
applying a face mask. I just close my eyes, listen to my favorite songs
and let the mask doing its magic.
After a long relaxing bath, just slip into our Long Danielle Robe…
heidi houston danielle robe
Now it’s a great time to even out your skin with a fruity solution: Take a
freshly cut lemon and rub gently on rough elbows and knees. The acid in
the lemon will soften rough sports on the skin. Especially during winter
it’s highly appreciated!
heidi houston
What’s a spa day without a cocktail!? It’s like a massage or a salt scrub –
it’s just as refreshing and relaxing. Bring the spa and the bar
together! Perfect for sipping in tandem with a pampering session is this
It’s so easy to throw together, leaving you more time to relax. Add a shot
of vodka and a little bit of freshly squeezed lime juice (with the fresh lime
it makes it kind of healthy, right?!). Top it up with pink lemonade and
serve it with a slice of lime.
For more delicious cocktail recipes, check out our HEIDI HOUSTON
Pinterest board!

Cheers to you!
Enjoy your spa day at home. It’s well deserved.
It’s your time for luxury!
Eva Volkel