Loungewear Goes Luxe with Heidi Houston


By Sarah Rufca Nielsen  6/23/2017 at 11:28am


AS A WIFE AND MOTHER, KATY’S HEIDI HANSEN spends a lot of time in liminal spaces—around the house, by the pool, in the car running errands. In times like these, Hansen didn’t want to expend a bunch of effort putting together an outfit, but neither was she a fan of running around in sweatpants and college tees. Her solution: the perfect caftan.

Caftan ni2kch

“I feel like caftans are totally underestimated. It’s about not sacrificing style for comfort. You can look amazing in a caftan, no matter how old you are or what size. I’ll add lipstick and wear them out to dinner. I even sleep in them sometimes,” says Hansen. “I’m always shopping for them, but it’s hard to find ones I love, especially for under $400.”

Heidi Hansen