Do you ever wonder how designers select names for each piece they design? Well, we are here to tell you they are not randomly selected - there is a method to the madness! In our case, the names of our caftans and loungewear are rooted in what helped Heidi successfully launch her brand. You guessed it! Devoted friends and family. In this blog, we’ll walk through a few of our Heidi Houston staples and connect the dots to the names! 

The Melissa

Melissa caftan


Melissa, also known as Missy, is one of Heidi’s oldest and longest friends. Born and raised in Modesto, California, they sparked their lifelong friendship at a young age and even though their lives in San Francisco and Houston are miles a part, they are closer than ever. Heidi and Missy often unite for gal trips where they indulge in champagne, girl talk, good food and on occasion, Heidi Houston photo shoots. 

The Katherine


The original design that put Heidi Houston on the map is named after the number one woman in Heidi’s life, her mother. Katherine, also known as Kathy, is the main source of inspiration for the line, as she always took luxury loungewear and caftans to the next level of fashion. Whether she is lounging at their lake house in Montana or sipping margaritas in Cabo, there is one thing that remains constant - Kathy will be in her Katherine caftan. 


The Tori 

Our best-selling sassy, yet sophisticated off-the-shoulder top was named for Heidi’s zesty cousin, Tori. An Oregon native, Tori grew up spending summers with Heidi and her family at their lake house in Montana. Though there are a few years in between them in age, they have always been extremely close. You can catch Tori on Heidi Houston’s Instagram on occasion! 

Though there are too many amazing pieces and inspirational people to talk about in this blog, not a day goes by where Heidi does not think about or thank everyone who has been influential to her line. We are nowhere close to having used every name that is important to her - the best is yet to come, so stay tuned!



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