HEIDI HOUSTON is about more than just your usual pajama or robe.
When buying a HEIDI HOUSTON piece, you’re getting a complete look.
Sometimes even more than just one look. Versatility is the key!
Founder Heidi is not only the face of the brand, she’s the heart and the
soul. She lives the HEIDI HOUSTON look.
Follow us on Instagram and get tons of ideas on how to style your HEIDI
HOUSTON pieces. You’ll be surprised in how many different ways a PJ
can be styled! And how a well-chosen accessory can change a whole
look. Just little adjustments can create a different look. It’s not magic,
believe me! Heidi definitely masters the art of styling – and loves to
share her ideas with you!
Let’s talk about robes! It would be a shame to hide our robes inside.
They need to be seen, they are made for the big stage!
rachelle robe
Think outside the box! Wear your Rachelle Robe over your favorite
bathing suit instead of your usual coverup. Perfect for some fun in the
sun in style.
And our Danielle Robe is not just a robe to wear at home over your
danielle robe
It’s also your stylish cardigan for a night out in the city. Wear it over a top
and combine it with a pair of white jeans and you’re perfectly dressed for
drinks and dinner. Our robe can definitely dress up every outfit!

Our Poppy is whatever you want it to be! Top, pullover, poncho,
coverup… you name it! You can wear it over your bathing suit, but you
can also wear it over a top with pants. One piece, two completely
different looks!


The accessories make also a big difference: Style is classy or give it an
edgy twist with a cool hat and big shades.

Let’s talk PJs! They are too good to just sleep in, don’t you think?! Take
the SLOANE Pajama Pants & Top Set for example. Wear both pieces
separately and create a non-pajama look. No one would guess that your
stunning top is actually a PJ!
Sloane pj's
Or combine the top with a blazer and a pencil skirt and you’ve created a
perfect office look!
With the pants you can go in a complete different direction: Wear it with
your bikini top for a fun beach look!
Or make the pants your best friend for travelling – these pants are so
comfy, that you can wear them for hours on a long flight.

HEIDI HOUSTON is not just fashion. It changes the way you think about
fashion. It gives fashion a twist. And it offers countless opportunities.
Creativity has no boundaries with HEIDI HOUSTON.
This is your time for luxury!
Make sure you follow us on Instagram for style tips!!

Eva Volkel