With the holidays, just around the corner, all of us have special traditions of
how we spend these days. Here Heidi tells us about her traditions at this
time of the year.
What are your holiday traditions?
Spending time with my family: My sister with her husband and their two
kids, my parents, grandma and of course my own family. We always take turns hosting dinner on Christmas Eve. And
we always serve fresh crab. With a big green salad and fresh
French bread and a crisp white wine. This is oh so yummy and
one of my favorite traditions. It’s a delicious mess!
After dinner, we all open our gifts to each other, which usually takes
hours. Hours filled with lots of laughter. It’s a late, fun family night. I love
it so much!
What’s your favorite holiday outfit?
My family is pretty casual. So, as usual, I like to be put together and
comfortable. For that I’ll probably wear the Clara Pant and Tori Top, or
the Reese Dress – depending on what our weather will be (Can you
believe, we just had snow here in Texas – the first time in 8 years!!!) If
it’s going to be chilly, best choice would be Clara and Tori. These two are
so buttery soft and comfy – the perfect outfit for a long night with my
family. For warmer weather the Reese Dress is my go-to: Cute, comfy,
and plenty of room for the Christmas feast ;-)
How do you decorate your tree and house for Christmas?
I like it pretty simple. We decorate our tree
with giant gold, red and green balls. Our fireplace is decorated with
classic stockings, a huge garland and lots of candles. Then the kids
scatter their handmade decorations all over the house. I love that cute,
chaotic mess. We light up outside with white lights and giant wreaths.
What do you usually wear Christmas Morning?
Usually my boys wake us up early in the morning, excited to see what
Santa brought. So, I stay in my  pajamas. I just
slip into my robe and the unwrapping craziness can start! Sometimes it’s
a while before I’m showered and ready to go. That’s why I LOVE our
PJ’s and matching robes – I’m always put together.
What’s your favorite gift to give?
Actually, pajamas! And they are one of my favorite gifts to receive.
What inspired you to your latest collection?
My mom. She always has the perfect look. Wearing bright lipstick, some
unique, eye-catching jewelry and ready for whatever the day might bring.
Always chic but still comfortable. For me, that’s the perfect combination.
She looks fabulous in every situation.
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Eva Volkel