We have great news to share! So many of you were asking about this
and we’ve answered your call! Our bestselling top – the Tori – is finally
back! Well, we should better say: will soon be back. Very soon. We’re
more than happy to announce that the wait is almost over. And to thank
you for your patience, we’re not just restocking the Tori in black. Your
bestie is coming back for the very first time in different colors! So many
of you were asking for this and we are pleased to be able to fulfill your
wishes. The Tori arrived fresh from our manufacturer in Houston in navy
and lovely mellow rose.

With these new colors and the allrounder black, you have all the
opportunities to style your favorite top for fall. Get them all!
Tori Top
With these colors you’ll have endless opportunities to dress yourself
comfy yet stylish. Dress it up or down with matching jewelry and
accessories. To stay warm, pair it with a nice scarf or wrap in a cozy
cardigan. Tori is ready to comfort you during the colder season.
And we have more news to share with you. Drumrolls please… You for
sure LOVE our caftans, so we’re about to add more color combinations
and a slightly different style. You’ll love it. And I bet you’ll take these
beauties off our hands in no time!
Navy Caftan
Instead of the V-neck, the newest members of our caftan family come
with a boat neck. With this new neckline, you’ll have plenty opportunities
to style your favorites for the upcoming holiday season. The long caftan
in navy is the perfect hostess dress for your Thanksgiving gathering! Just add some pearls and not only will you look like a million bucks; you'll be the most comfortable person at the table!! 
Or, you’re planning another beach / resort vacation to extend the
summer feeling? Then the short caftan in pink is your partner in crime.

As all our caftans, this one is perfectly packable, lightweight and wrinkle
resistant – it’s definitely your travel bestie.
Pink Caftan
Well, talking travel couture: The tori top is your go-to top when on the
plane: it’s breathable, you won’t sweat, but stay warm, and the material
feels oh so cozy and comfy.
In only a few days we’ll release the highly desired additions to the HEIDI
HOUSTON collection. Stay tuned…
As you might have noticed, our newest caftans don’t have a name yet.
Usually Heidi herself names every single piece personally. She names
her designs after women she loves. The Cecilia Caftan for example is
named after her mother in law. The Katherine Caftan is dedicated to her
beloved mom and the Melissa Caftan is named after one of her best
friends of 20 + years. Heidi really has a strong relationship to her designs, she put all
of her heart into her work and this is also shown by the very personal
names she gives then.
We’ve already mentioned it – one of the caftans isn't named yet.  Not because Heidi has run out of lovely ladies in her life!  But because we want to open it up to our wonderful customers to honor a fabulous woman in their life.
Name a highly desired and very
popular piece of fashion after a woman you love, adore & admire. Show
this person your love in a very special way. You don’t want to miss this!
We’ll share the details with you in our next newsletter. So, if you haven’t
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Eva Volkel