When it comes to bold & brave entrepreneurs, I am a big fan. So I'm very
excited to interview Heidi, the dynamic and creative head behind the
brand Heidi Houston.
Heidi Houston
She started her business almost two years ago at her home just outside of
Houston. Since then she juggles her family and her business.
Each and every fabric, color, and detail is handpicked by herself. And her
designs are made with love and passion. She designs what she wants to
wear – wearable and approachable luxury.

New year, new you? Do you have New Year’s Resolution? And
since the year is in full swing, do you still stick to them?
Yes! I find the beginning of the new year a nice fresh start, and try to get
organized or re-organized. I’ve set some goals for myself and my
business. Right now, one of my goals is waking up an hour earlier. So I
can have an hour to get clear and focused before the kids get up and the
chaotic morning starts. It's working out pretty well, a new routine!

Winter time is calling for a comfy and cozy cabin getaway! What’s
your favorite destination?
I love a getaway. My most recent one was a last minute getaway to
Carmel, California with some of our best friends. We stayed at Carmel
Valley Ranch and it was just beautiful. Good friends, good food, good
wine... The perfect combo for a fabulous getaway.
As far as cabins go... My favorite place is Bigfork, Montana. I've spent
many, many, many, summers there and a few winter breaks. It's
definitely one of my favorite spots. Nothing better than having some fun
in the snow and then coming in to sit next to a cozy fire, right?!

Many of us struggle with stressed skin during the winter month. But
you seem to glow rain or shine. Would you share your secrets with
My skin is super dry this time of the year so I really need to focus on
hydrating my skin. I make sure that I use a really good exfoliator 2-3
times per week. Right now I'm using Facial Resufacer with Vanuata
Volcanic Ash by SeneGence. It's black and thick and it really gets the grit
off. I love it! I also use a hydrating serum. My favorite is the Active
Hydration Serum from Rodan and Fields. It keeps my skin fresh and
hydrated. I also try to get in a few good hydrating facials. And of course, I
try to drink lots of water!

We all have our favorite season. What’s yours?
I definitely love Spring. It’s that time of the year when you're done with
the cold weather, but you're not ready yet for the heat of the summer.
When you can dine al fresco for lunch and dinner, and feel some sun on
your face. That's my favorite time of year.

What’s your favorite cocktail?
My go to is champagne. My dose of luxe ;-) But if I'm going to go the
cocktail route, I love a good skinny guava margarita. Not too sweet, a
little tart, and in a pretty glass. Our local Mexican restaurant serves them
up and they are delish!!

Your favorite book/movie/show?
I love a good comedy. One of my faves is This is 40. It's so real and so
Favorite show is Big Little Lies. I CANNOT wait for season 2 to be
released and I'll probably re-watch season 1 soon so I'm ready to go :)
Favorite book – I don't think I've read it yet. That should be my New
Year’s Resolution…

What is your source of inspiration?
The world around me. I love just watching what women wear. On an
everyday basis but especially when I travel. I feel women usually put in a
little more effort or thought into what they wear when they are traveling or
on vacation. They are also more relaxed, more playful, more vibrant and just a little happier ;) This gives me ideas and inspirations for what I want to
design and wear myself.

What makes you laugh?
My friends say I'm pretty easily amused... It's not too hard to crack me
up. I think my husband and my sister are the funniest people I
know. They can get me rolling on the floor pretty easily. It's the best
feeling!!! To laugh until your stomach hurts and tears are running down
your face ;)

Your favorite place in the house?
Snuggled up on the couch with my family watching a good movie.

What’s your go -to to relax?
I love a good long bath. Hot, bubbly, and quiet.

Your favorite piece of the collection?
Right now, it's the boatneck caftan. But my favorites are always

Your favorite summer destination?
Everything beach. And I love a great resort. Good food, good wine, good
company. For the last several years, Cabo has been my favorite summer

We are so excited what’s next with Heidi Houston! Can you share
what’s coming up?
We have some new fabrics, some new colors, and new
designs! I'm really excited about the new collection. We will be
discontinuing the pajama line and be focusing more on resort wear
styles. More caftans of course, but also some surprises!!! So stay tuned!!

one shoulder caftan




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