It’s no secret that things can get overwhelming around this time of the
year.  Wow, our stress level definitely increases during the
holiday season. But: In-between all of the hustle and bustle and running
around town getting errands done while you prepare for the holidays,
don’t forget to take time for yourself and your loved ones.
Sometimes, I can find myself drowning in the seemingly inescapable
holiday to-do-lists, errands, gift wrapping and cookie baking marathon,
and running from one holiday party to another – sometimes double
booked. Raise you hand if that’s you! Right?! I bet we all put in a
respectable effort to try to keep our heads above water when it comes to
the holiday season – and don’t get me wrong. I LOVE this time of the
year!! But too often we get too caught up with prep and planning that
when the holidays finally arrive we find ourselves feeling as though we
did not really stop and feel the joy of the season.
Hey, this time of the year should be joyful and I want all of us to truly
enjoy the magic of the season! Let’s try not to cave in to the holiday
stress. For better or for worse, Christmas is almost here and we’ve
gathered some last minute ways to keep the merry in Christmas and
make this time of year more enjoyable and stress free.

Know your Holiday Shipping deadlines
You’re still shopping for Christmas presents? If you want to avoid circling
around the parking lot for hours to get a spot, just to waste even more
time in super long lines to check out, shop online - but do it now. And
know the year-end gift-shipping deadlines.
For a last-minute gift from Heidi Houston, order NOW. To ensure your
gifts will arrive on time, your last day to order is December 18 th!

Make time for downtime
Take a minute to take a deep breath. Have a power nap. Go for a walk,
take in some fresh air. Recharge your batteries. Make some time to
enjoy the things you love. Catch up with your favorite Netflix shows or
dive into one of those cheesy (but you can’t look away) Hallmark
Christmas movies. Plan in some downtime for the next couple of days
until Christmas. Keep your peace and quiet, and you’ll keep your sanity.
It’s hard, I know… But worth it. You’ll be so much more efficient after a
little break.

Make more time for yourself
Yes, that’s right! This is so important! You’re the engine of this season.
You’re the one who brings the joy and magic into your home. So you
need to take care of yourself. If you like a massage, get yourself one.
Even if you have just a few hours, set up a relaxing-zone at home. Set
the mood with lots of candles, soothing music, dim lightning (the candles
might spend just the right amount of light), a glass of detox water (so
easy to make) , and a cozy robe (we can help you out with this one ;-) It
seems so simple, but these little add-ons are what turn your home into a
perfect spa and relaxation zone. After a hot bath and a facial, you’ll feel
re-charged and energized to handle the holiday countdown.

spa robe

Get plenty of sleep
The to-do lists are super long, and she’s talking about sleep?! Yes! You
definitely can’t do it without enough sleep! You don’t want to be
exhausted and you don’t want to look exhausted right? Just one more
reason for a good night sleep.


Avoid family conflict
…And don’t stress about it too much. We know this one is tricky to
navigate, especially around the holidays, but stick with us here. Instead
of trying to master the fine art of not stepping on egg shells the entire
night, how about just smiling it away and avoiding certain topics and
removing yourself from the conversation if things go in a certain
direction? Well, and keep your expectations low. Very low if necessary.
That helps a lot. And Champagne.

champagne toast

Remember what the Christmas season is about
Christmas time is meant to be filled with joy, merriment and thankfulness.
Carve out time with family and friends to reconnect with one another.
You want to actually remember Christmas this year, right? The idea is to
be intentional. Don’t let the time go by in a total blur.
You don’t have to cook the perfect Christmas dinner. You don’t have to
bake the most adorable cookies. You don’t have to have the most perfect
Christmas decoration. That’s not what it is about after all. Enjoy yourself
and your family. Spend quality time together. Make memories. Plenty.
Laugh together, have fun.

Happy Holidays!
Heidi Houston

Eva Volkel