Cheers to a fabulous and stylish new year!

We hope the new year is off to a very good start for you! From the
bottom of my heart: May all your dreams come true.
I hope you’re ringing in the new year with people you love! Speaking of
which, it’s a family tradition of ours to start off the new year with a
pajama party – by the way: This is my favorite pj. We’re having lots of yummy snacks, delicious cocktails, and of
course: pretty pj’s. This night is reserved for our close friends and family.
And we’re talking about what was and what will be. About our New
Year’s resolutions and new goals.
Heidi Houston pj's
Today, I’d like to look back with you on an amazing and fashionable year
2018 as well as giving you a little sneak peek on what’s planned for
2018 was our second year with HEIDI HOUSTON and so many dreams
came true for us: Last spring, we launched a huge collection with new designs. Colorful and thoughtfully designed robes, caftans
in new and surprising color-combinations, tops, super versatile pants,
kimono-inspired robes, night gowns, and fashion-forward ponchos.
You’ve told us what you want, we listened and delivered. And you
LOVED every single piece, especially our color-popping caftans.
heidi houston caftan
We “freed” our pj’s and styled them fashion-forward. Our pieces are too
pretty to stay home. They want to have fun too ;-) From coffee in the
morning to cocktails at night. An effortless transition with wow-factor.

The bestseller 2018… drumrolls, please… The caftan! You for sure
LOVE every single color combination and each and every style. Every
time we came out with something new, you took it off of our hands in no
time. Thank you so much!! You have an amazing taste ;-)
heidi houston caftans
In fall 2018 we released our newest members of our caftan family: The
Gigi and the Bella Caftan. New color combinations and a new neckline.
gigi caftan
And for the very first time YOU were able to name these new caftans.
Usually, I name every single piece personally after women I love. The
Katherine Caftan is named after my mom. And the Melissa Caftan is
dedicated to one of my best friends of 20+ years.
That time, I’ve asked you to name our new caftans. You’ve got the
opportunity to dedicate our top seller to a woman you love,
adore & admire. You’ve sent us hundreds and hundreds of names and
stories – it was overwhelming. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
2018 was for sure a super stylish and exciting year for me and for the
And 2019 will be even more exciting! We have big plans.. There will
be new fabrics, new colors, and new styles. Beloved pieces in a fresh
design and completely new items. You’ll be surprised! Stay tuned-
you won’t miss the news. Coming soon…
Have a wonderful New Year!
Cheers to a fabulous and stylish 2019!

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