Top 5 luxury bridesmaid gifts

One of my friends is having her wedding in a couple of months and we’ve
recently talked about the perfect gift for her bridesmaids. That’s not an
easy one, ladies! It should be something special and personal at the
same time. Nothing less than the perfect gift to show your appreciation…

We rounded up our top picks for the ultimate luxury bridesmaid gifts to
give to your besties! Your bridesmaids will be by your side on one of the
biggest and most important days of your entire life. They've got your
back whatever it takes. They make the impossible possible if necessary.
Looking back on my wedding day I would have been lost without my
girls, that’s for sure! So, I really love the tradition of giving them
something special to honor their friendship and everything they do
helping to make your wedding one of the best days of your life.
Drumrolls please… Here are our Top 5 of perfect gifts for your favorite
ladies! From unique keepsakes to classics they’ll never forget…

The Classic: A luxury bathrobe for your bridesmaids

heidi houston luxury bathrobe

I so love this traditional bridesmaid gift! Robes are super fun for getting
ready the morning of the wedding day and wearing matching robes is a
beloved pre-wedding photo-op. So cute! To make sure that your
bridesmaids will wear and love the robes long after the big day, we have
the perfect luxury women’s robe for you – whether you like it classy in
black and ivory or more popping colored in aqua with yellow accents.
Each color comes in two different styles and two different lengths.

heidi houston luxury bathrobe

Our lightweight robe will not only look amazing on your pre-wedding pics;
they also can be worn as the perfect replacement for a traditional
cardigan or over a bathing suit. It’s far more than just a luxury bathrobe.
And for sure the perfect gift!

Matching PJs for a special slumber party
Getting together for a slumber party the night before the wedding is a
thing! We love it!!! How cute would it be having matching women’s sleep
sets, right!?
heidi houston luxury pajama sets
Our women’s pajama pants and tops can be mixed and matched just as you
desire. And they match our robes perfectly!
But the best thing: you’re always appropriately dressed if the pizza guy
knocks on the door or more champagne is being delivered. Just saying…
Stylin' slippers – comfy and cute
These extremely soft, slippers will help you and your bridesmaids
walk around in comfort before y’all slip into your maybe no so comfy heels!
patricia green glam slippers
Drying your tears in style
It might come handy having a handkerchief during the wedding
ceremony. But in style, please! Get your bridesmaids an embroidered
handkerchief – very personal and probably very convenient.
A ring not only for the bride…
I fell in love with this wonderful tiny yet elegant ring. It really shows how
much you love your besties. Every time they wear the ring they will be
reminded of an amazing day full of love and friendship.
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It’s your time for luxury.

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